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How to Display / Frame your print

Inuit Gifts

Inuit prints are fascinating and will make any room "pop". The visage, the colors, and graphics are so avant-garde, it makes any home look incredible when they are displayed.

I have a personal passion for Inuit prints. I find they add a positive energy and an added vibrancy to my home and gallery. So how should one display an Inuit print?

If you are willing to spend a couple hours of your time, than hands down, you need to invest in getting it framed properly. And then from there, proper lighting to have it displayed is essential.

Kenojuak Ashevak - Char Print

The key points in framing your print are as follows:

1) Make sure you get an ultraviolet protected glass. You do not want the sunlight to discolor the print into a yellowish background.

2) You want to have your print floating. This means that you do not want any borders of the frame overlapping the print. Over time, this will leave discoloration between the covered section vs. the non-covered section of your print.

3) Finally, once you have it framed, it is so critical that you have it properly lighted. A wall mount picture light is critical to highlighting all of those beautiful colors in the print,

It will make it go from looking ordinary, to completely mesmerizing where your guests will notice it instantaneously. The light makes all the colors of the print completely "pop" and it becomes an electrifying experience every time you look at it.

I found this amazing light on amazon. Not too expensive, easy to install and does everything you need it to. Here is the link to this light fixture.

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